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Christopher Anselmo

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As an estate planning firm, we set up families’ essential estate planning documents such as Wills, Powers of Attorney, Advanced Health Directives, and Trusts.  In addition to preparing and executing these necessary documents, we also help families navigate the probate and trust administration processes.  Beyond traditional estate planning, as an elder law firm, we assist […]

Jeffrey M. McGaffick

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I began my individual law practice in 1998. For thirteen years prior to that I worked in firms specializing in probate and estate planning, First Amendment rights, commercial law and business litigation, and real estate and personal injury. I handle bankruptcies, appeals, domestic and criminal cases. I represent business and non-profit organizations. I serve as […]

Thomas T. Mullen

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Exclusive referrals for all domestic/divorce/custody and general civil litigation.

Alex Gertsburg

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Our goal is to bring practical and results-driven service to businesses and their owners, at rates that make sense; serve our clients better than any other firm has or could; and be the only business law firm they wlll ever need. We represent clients in the areas of business and commercial law, including litigation and […]