About Pro Law Firms

Pro Law Firms
ProLawFirms.com is a website dedicated to connecting people with legal issues to lawyers who are dedicated to solving problems. ProLawFirms.com attorneys give personalized service that focuses on the needs of the client. We have assembled a network of attorneys who are prepared to discuss your legal needs to determine the best solution for you.

Our website allows you to search by geographical area and legal category to find a lawyer who can best serve your needs. Our lawyers have been qualified by experience and high ethical standards to best serve clients.

Our clients come to us with a diverse set of legal issues, including the following:

  • Family law – divorces, child custody, alimony/maintenance or other domestic law issues
  • Intellectual Property – patents, trade secrets, copyrights, inventions: legal rights recognized for creations of the mind
  • Estate Planning – drafting of wills or trusts and other estate issues
  • Immigration – Visas, citizenship, adjustment of status, etc: experts on laws, rules and regulations governing immigration
  • Probate – legal issues relating to the probating of estates
  • Bankruptcy – debtors who need advice on whether to file bankruptcy
  • Personal Injury – auto or truck accidents, dangerous property or medical malpractice
  • Elder law – legal issues affecting seniors
  • Tax – tax liens, audits or other tax related legal issues
  • Civil Litigation – disputes between private parties
  • Social Security – assisting those with disability needs
  • Landlord Tenant – legal issues arising from rental agreements

If you are unsure where your legal issue fits in, feel free to contact any ProLawFirms.com attorney for assistance and you will be referred to the appropriate area.