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S.J. Khalsa / The Khalsa Law Firm, PC

Integrity is the foundation upon which S.J. Khalsa has built his firm. Intent on making a difference in the lives of those for whom he served as legal counsel, S.J. recognized that the traditional approach to estate planning needed to give way to a more modern alternative. He chose to challenge the status quo of the attorney/client relationship by offering client-oriented legal services that put the client first. A nationally recognized attorney in the field of estate planning and elder law, he authored the book Estate Planning Essentials: A Guidebook for Modern Families to familiarize people with modern estate planning. He serves his clients from                                                                his heart and helps his clients make the tough decisions needed to protect their loved ones. Then, when needed, he and his firm carefully guide their loved ones through the toughest times life presents.

At the Khalsa Law Firm we believe in conscious living and we believe that requires preparation for a conscious death. Our Legacy Wealth Planning System allows our clients to live with peace of mind and to die with dignity and grace knowing their families have been protected, their wealth and legacies have been preserved, and their loved ones have professionals upon whom they can confidently rely. We change the world one family at a time.

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