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Rachel L. Virk

Not everyone hates each other just because they are getting a divorce. Litigation is an old-fashioned and expensive way to resolve disputes. You and your X2B know better how to restructure your two-home family than a judge could ever know. Rachel L. Virk, author of The Four Ways of Divorce, provides quality representation whether you and your X2B can sit down and work it out through mediation or collaboration, or if you need to aggressively negotiate or fight it out in court to protect your children, professional practice, or future financial security, Ms. Virk is a seasoned litigator who has been trying cases since 1990, mediating since 2001, and doing colloborative divorces sence 2005. Whichever path your case takes, Ms. Virk will guide you through the difficult process with compassion and expertise.

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