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Pieter G. Weinrieb / Weinrieb Law

Attorney Weinrieb’s areas of practice include: Divorce and Separation, Divorce and Family Law Mediation, Child Custody, Child Access, Child Support, Paternity, Family Offense, Orders of Protection, Child Relocation, Grandparent Rights and Surrogacy. With offices in Williamsville, New York, Attorney Weinrieb is available to meet you and discuss your case. Attorney Weinrieb takes a reasonable and logical approach to solving various issues, and gives counsel as to the best solutions for your particular matter. In a high conflict situation, Attorney Weinrieb is perfectly comfortable taking your case to trial in order to achieve your specific goals. Of note, Attorney Weinrieb recently completed a comprehensive 42 Hour Family and Divorce Mediation Training sponsored by the State of New York and Western New York Child and Family Services. Attorney Weinrieb also serves as an Attorney for the Child and often represents children in Custody and Access matters as well as mediation sessions in the Erie County Family Court.

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