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Chris Troppito / Troppito + Miller

Troppito + Miller, LLC helps people get a new financial start through the bankruptcy process. Our firm specializes in assisting people with filing Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies in both Missouri and Kansas. We can advise you on how bankruptcy can assist you with credit cards, medical bills, foreclosures, garnishments, late mortgage or car payments, harassment by creditors, judgments and pending lawsuits, repossessions, tax liens, back child support, divorce issues, and any other issues that relate to bankruptcy.
Chris Troppito, a member of the firm, managed one of the largest debtor bankruptcy filing firms in the Kansas City area. Additionally, Mr. Troppito brings his experience of working for a Missouri Chapter 7 Trustee to the firm’s bankruptcy practice. The firm handles routine personal bankruptcies in addition to handling complex personal bankruptcies involving debtors that own their own businesses, corporations, LLC’s, partnerships, etc.

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