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Jeffrey M. McGaffick / Jeffrey M. McGaffick,Attorney at Law

I began my individual law practice in 1998. For thirteen years prior to that I worked in firms specializing in probate and estate planning, First Amendment rights, commercial law and business litigation, and real estate and personal injury. I handle bankruptcies, appeals, domestic and criminal cases. I represent business and non-profit organizations. I serve as a part-time acting judge in my local municipal court. My office also operates First Priority Title Agency. As I have attempted to do with the law practice, I try to operate my real estate and title insurance business with a focus on integrity, professionalism and value. I hope to maintain the perspective that the first priority is not just making a profit.

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  • 571 East 185th Street, Cleveland, OH 44119
  • 216-481-4495
  • 216-481-4603 (fax)